Sports (Hockey Words) 7" x 5" Curved Acrylic Print

Show off the hockey player in your life with this personalized curved acrylic print.
For the hockey players in your life, this 7” x 5” Curved Acrylic Print features your custom photo displayed with a border of hockey-related words, bringing a love of the ice to every picture.

Curved Acrylic Prints are designed using a patent-pending process that results in a translucent product that is durable and lightweight, as well as scratch and fade resistant. We combine that technology with our own by fusing the image into a piece of free-standing, curved acrylic. The result is a photo made entirely of acrylic that showcases pristine color display and is enhanced further by the presence of light.

✅ Size: 7” x 5”

✅ Image is embedded within the acrylic

✅ Translucent yet vibrant with color

✅ Scratch and fade resistant

✅ Durable and lightweight

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