Marjolein Bastin (Hydrangea Frame) 7" x 5" Curved Acrylic Print

Enjoy your favorite photo alongside artist Marjolein Bastin's Hydrangea frame in this customized print.
Bring the work of renowned Dutch artist Marjolein Bastin, famous for her quaint depiction of nature’s hidden moments, to your favorite photos with this Curved Acrylic Print. This print features your uploaded photo surrounded by a collage of hydrangea flowers painted by the artist.

Curved Acrylic Prints are designed using a patent-pending process that results in a translucent product that is durable and lightweight, as well as scratch and fade resistant. We combine that technology with our own, resulting in a photo made entirely of acrylic that showcases pristine color display and is enhanced further by the presence of light.

✅ Size: 7” x 5”

✅ Image is embedded within the acrylic

✅ Translucent yet vibrant with color

✅ Scratch and fade resistant

✅ Durable and lightweight

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