StarFire Prints™ Diamond Hanging Glass

Upload your favorite image and we'll fuse it to this dazzling hanging glass ornament.
Your favorite image fused into light-catching glass. The 3.5" diamond/square shape ornament is illuminated in natural light and allows your image to be visible from both sides.

✅ DAZZLING DISPLAY - Light-Catching glass allows natural light to illuminate your image. Looks great in windows!

✅ GREAT SIZE - 3.5" flat diamond-shaped glass

✅ GREAT FOR HOLIDAYS OR YEAR-ROUND - These glass collectibles never go out of style

✅ GREAT FOR GIFTING AND COLLECTING - Comes with hanging string for instant, easy display

✅ MADE IN THE USA - Designed, printed, and shipped by Trend Setters Ltd.

© Trend Setters Ltd.

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