LightPix™ 24" x 17" Everlasting Photo - INSERT ONLY

Your favorite images on LightPix™ Everlasting Photos - Light-catching, long-lasting prints resistant to fading, bending, warping.
LightPix™ Everlasting Photos are light-catching, lifetime-lasting prints made of a unique material that resists bending, tearing, and fading. They're even water resistant. How do we know? We dunked one in a bucket of water and forgot about it for a long weekend! It was just as beautiful as before we tested it.

✅ A LIFETIME OF LOVE - Lasts beautifully through conditions that normally damage paper photographs. Lightpix™ Everlasting Photos are resistant to tearing, ripping, bending, and fading. They’re also water resistant

✅ LIGHT-CATCHING – Semi-translucent light film allows natural light to shine through, illuminating and emphasizing the colors and details of your image

✅ BRILLIANT DESIGN – We created our LightPix™ Everlasting Photos to be a dazzling, vibrant focal point of any room. They were designed to work perfectly with our backlit LED wall-mount frame, where the light illuminates the images from within

✅ EASILY UPDATE YOUR DECOR – The beauty of the long-lasting LightPix™ Everlasting Photo is that they’re created to work perfectly with the 24 x 17 backlit LED wall-mount frame.

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