LightPix™ 12" x 14" Everlasting Photo - INSERT ONLY

Upload your image and we'll create a light-catching, long-lasting LightPix™ Everlasting Photo that's unlike any print you've ever seen.
LightPix™ Everlasting Photo Inserts are vivid, light-catching prints that last a lifetime. These are not your ordinary paper photo prints. They’re durable, elegant, and illuminated in natural light.

✅ A LIFETIME OF LOVE - Lasts beautifully through conditions that normally damage paper photographs. Lightpix™ Everlasting Photos are resistant to tearing, ripping, bending, and fading. They’re also water resistant

✅ LIGHT-CATCHING – Semi-translucent light film allows natural light to shine through, illuminating and emphasizing the colors and details of your image

✅ BRILLIANT DESIGN – We created our LightPix™ Everlasting Photos to be a dazzling, vibrant focal point of any room. They were designed to work perfectly with our sleek, magnetic, Everlasting Photo frame, made of curved, crystal clear acrylic

✅ EASILY UPDATE YOUR DECOR – The beauty of the long-lasting LightPix™ Everlasting Photo is that they’re created to easily be swapped in and out of the curved acrylic frame. Their durability makes them perfect for storing away until you’re ready to revisit that particular memory, grade, season, etc

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